A Little Kindness Makes A Huge Difference!

It’s been said before and certainly has not gone unnoticed everywhere you look.  We are suffering from a serious lack of kindness in the way we treat each other.

As I was stepping outside of a restaurant last week to stretch a little, I opened the door and saw two women approaching.  The first (“Mary”) was 60ish and about ten steps behind her was an elderly woman (“Joy”) around 80ish.  Joy was using a walker and Mary kept admonishing to hurry up.  I was not sure of the relationship between the two but clearly they were traveling together.  I was happy to hold the door thinking that Mary would take the door and wait for Joy to catch up.

However, Mary just passed me without acknowledgment and proceeded to the hostess stand to be seated.  I was surprised but happy to continue holding the door and told Joy to take her time until she, too, was in the restaurant.  A few minutes later when I returned to my seat, the two were seated together reading menus.  I do not know what happened between the two women prior to arriving at the restaurant but to leave an elderly woman with a walker to fend for herself at the door was more than a bit rude.

Whether it is someone we know or a stranger, it only takes a few seconds of our time to extend a courtesy and make someone’s journey a little easier.  Whether it is holding a door, helping someone lighten a load, extending a supportive hand, or just giving a smile that might be the only one someone has had that day – a few precious seconds to perform random act of kindness can make the difference of a lifetime.  Try it!  You may like it!

*Names have been changed.


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