It’s Not Just About The “Try” – It’s Also About The “Do”!

Star Wars character – Yoda “The Empire Strikes Back”

In a lot of ways, our society has become comfortable with the try as being the best that we can do.  How often do you hear “I will try my best” or “just try it” or, when something did not work, “I tired my best?”  As we get older, trying is not enough.  If you go through life just trying, it could mean that you are reluctant to make the commitment to really invest yourself in whatever you are attempting to do.  You are holding back so that if you are not successful no one can say you failed because you tried – you gave it your all. The question is did you really?

A lot of times we are afraid to make a full commitment and we spend our time making a plan.  You can find yourself so bogged down in the planning that you never move forward.  Everything in life cannot be planned and no matter how elaborate the plan, we cannot predict the future.  There are so many reasons our plans may not unfold perfectly.  This fear of not being able to plan everything from beginning to end can stop us from moving forward and fully committing.  Then we get stuck in just planning and trying without every really doing that which we want to accomplish.  This applies to relationships, that next job, the new business, a new adventure, or just getting through the week.

As that great philosopher of our times, Yoda, said “Do.  Or not do.  There is no try.”  Make the commitment to move forward and not stand still or hold back.  Think about saying to yourself I will do this rather then I will give it a try – you may find yourself getting there faster!

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