We are all on our own remarkable journey!

Whether it includes work, retirement, children, grandchildren, heartbreak, tremendous love, huge successes, or crushing defeats, it is a journey unique to each of us.  It informs and shapes us into what we are and continues to mold us into what we are to be.  Each experience is just another stitch in the fabulous quilt that tells the story of our lives.  

Through this blog, I invite you to share my journey past, present and looking to the future.  It began more than sixty years ago and continues to amaze and delight me.  I hope that we can share experiences, perhaps share advice, and enrich our lives through our common and sometimes not so common experiences.  

Join me as I continue the journey, reflect on the past and enjoy the moment.

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Let’s Do The Graduation Walk!

When Dr. Barbara Shirley, Principal of Alta Vista Elementary School (“AVES”), invited me to attend their “Graduation Walk” I did not know exactly what I was in store for but I knew that I would be there to support the students and faculty of this wonderful school in any way that I could.  I was …

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In Life at All Times – Go For It!!

G         Be grateful for what has come before because it led you to this day. O         Be an original because there is only one you.   F          Be fearless in trying new things for only then can you learn. O         Be optimistic because a positive attitude is the best way to start the day. R         …

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Did You Hear? No Jeans Over 37!

A British survey by CollectPlus said that after age 53 we should give up wearing jeans.  The reason they cited was not because we look bad wearing them but because it’s harder to find a pair of jeans that actually fits and I guess the stress is too much for us more mature women.  Really! …

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