We are all on our own remarkable journey!

Whether it includes work, retirement, children, grandchildren, heartbreak, tremendous love, huge successes, or crushing defeats, it is a journey unique to each of us.  It informs and shapes us into what we are and continues to mold us into what we are to be.  Each experience is just another stitch in the fabulous quilt that tells the story of our lives.  

Through this blog, I invite you to share my journey past, present and looking to the future.  It began more than sixty years ago and continues to amaze and delight me.  I hope that we can share experiences, perhaps share advice, and enrich our lives through our common and sometimes not so common experiences.  

Join me as I continue the journey, reflect on the past and enjoy the moment.

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It’s not just about the “try” – it’s also about the “do”!

In a lot of ways, our society has become comfortable with the try as being the best that we can do.  How often do you hear “I will try my best” or “just try it” or, when something did not work, “I tired my best?”  As we get older, trying is not enough.  If you go through …

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Girls? Girls? Girls? Yes! Yes! Yes!!

“Inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold!” When you are trying to get the attention of approximately 180-200 girls between the ages of 5-14 on any given day at Girls, Inc., you will often hear the leaders proclaim “Girls? Girls?  Girls?” to which the girls quickly respond “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  Then all eyes and …

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Showing Up From Afar – That’s What Friends Do!

I recently went through a very difficult time which would have been all the more difficult but for the support of family and dear friends.  My close friend Louise, who was constantly in touch and showing support, sent me a copy of a post originally published on Wendy Atterberry’s relationship advice blog “Dear Wendy.” The …

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